Discovery to a Corporate Defendant in an Automobile Wreck Case

This is a sample form set of interrogatories and requests for production of documents and things to send to a corporate defendant in a car wreck case. I typically serve a set of discovery with the complaint in order to get the ball rolling on the case. These form questions ask the basic issues that should be dealt with in almost any case involving a corporate defendant: (1) identifying witnesses, including experts; (2) determining whether any surveillance is being / has been conducted of the plaintiff; (3) narrowing any questions as to respondeat superior; and (4) discovering the factual bases for any affirmative defenses. There are other issues that you may want to address in the initial written discovery depending on the circumstances of the case. (For example, serving a request to produce the defendant’s vehicle itself for inspection to take photographs and recover data from the vehicle’s event data recorder, or “black box.”) Download file

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