Day on Torts Book

“Quick! I need a case that says …”

If you are an associate in a law firm, you’ve heard it. If you are a partner, you’ve said it. Day on Torts provides a quick, reliable resource of the leading Tennessee tort cases that will answer the questions you regularly face in your tort practice.

Day on Torts:  Leading Cases in Tennessee Tort Law is now available for purchase by subscription through BirdDog Law.  The book now contains summaries of the leading Tennessee appellate decision on over 500 Tennessee tort law topics, as well as citations to over 1500 additional cases on those topics.  The new subscription option allows you to have 24/7/365 access to the book on your desktop, tablet, notebook and mobile phone.

The BirdDog Law website also offers a subscription to John’s Tennessee Law of Civil Trial and Compendium on Tennessee Tort Reform Statutes.  Finally, the website also give you free access to user friendly versions of the Tennessee rules of civil procedure, evidence, and more.

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