Employment Agreement

This is the standard fee agreement that I use in my own practice. Download file. I have tweaked the agreement repeatedly over the years, and plan to continue modifying it in the future as the need arises. If you want an updated form, or if you have suggestions for updates, please email me.

A few points on the fee agreement:
– Tennessee law prohibits a contingency fee greater than 33 1/3% in medical malpractice cases. If you are reviewing or accepting a medical negligence case, be sure to remove the provision for a 40% contingency fee in the event of an appeal.
– Note that the contingency fee is based upon gross recovery, rather than net after expenses.
– Near the bottom of page 2, the paragraph stating that attorneys are still investigating the case should be removed if you have already committed to pursuing the matter.
– I realize that the provision concerning sales taxes is currently unnecessary. However, the Legislature is always threatening to impose a sales tax on professional services and therefore I added this provision in case they decide to do so.

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