Schiavo Case Now Closed – For Everyone But the Politicians

Senator Frist now says that he did not diagnosis Ms. Schiavo by looking at her on videotape.

At the time, the Senator said “I question [the diagnosis of her doctors] based on a review of the video footage. … And that footage, to me, depicted something very different than persistent vegetative state.”

For a man who regularly lets everyone know that he is a doctor (“a transplant surgeon”) that sure sounds like a diagosis. If Tom DeLay made such a statement it would not be a diagnosis – he killed bugs for a living. But from a surgeon ….

Now that the autopsy results are in the spin begins. Why not just admit that in the heat of the moment you misspoke? Why not just admit that it is impossible to diagnose a person by simply looking at a video – or at least that any doctor who just looked at a video would defer to the treating physicians?

The Senator wants to be President. The Senator has demonstrated that he needs to go back to practicing medicine.

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