Health Care Liability Filing and Disposition Statistics from Tennessee Courts – 2021-22

The State of Tennessee has released information about the number of health care liability (HCL, formerly known as medical malpractice) claims filed in Tennessee in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022 and the resolution of pending HCL cases in the same year.

In the FY2021-22, 355 HCL claims were filed in Tennessee and 349 cases were resolved. The total number of cases resolved is consistent with experience in the prior eight years, which say a high of 382 cases resolved in FY 2018-20 and a low of 330 cases resolved in FY 2020-21.

Eleven (11) HCL cases went to trial in FY2021-22, down from 31 in FY 2015-16 and a low of 8 in FY 2020-21. (Number of trials available for last eight years only).  There is no publicly available data on how the other 344 cases were resolved, but of course the possibilities are voluntary dismissal, summary judgment, or settlement.

Total money damages awarded in the eleven HCL cases that were tried was $300,000.   The only successful case was tried in Madison County.   It is not reported whether the successful case was tried to a jury or the court.  (There was a total of one HCL case tried to a jury and one to the court in Madison County.)

The other 10 cases that were resolved at trial.   HCL cases were unsuccessfully tried to a jury in Washington (1), Sumner (2), Montgomery (1), Davidson (1), Maury (1), and Shelby (1).  HCL cases were unsuccessfully tried to the court in Henry (1) and Hamilton (1) counties.

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