New Blog

I came upon a new blog – Insurance Scrawl – written by Marc Mayerson in D.C.

Here is how Marc describes the purpose of the blog:

“Insurance Scrawl focuses on the law of insurance, the insurance of business, and the business of insurance. It is the first insurance blog (or insurance blawg) that approaches these issues from the perspective of policyholders. The principal focus is on commercial property-casualty matters (and not life/health/disability/auto or the insurance needs of individuals). The goals of this weblog are to provide current updates, with links to source materials, on matters about which well-informed professionals should be aware and to share my perspective and knowledge about insurance-coverage issues. In-house lawyers, risk managers, brokers, outside counsel, insurance-company and reinsurance professionals, adjusters, professors, law students, and judges are the intended audience. Although Insurance Scrawl approaches the subject from a particular vantage point, readers should find the articles to be more analytical than polemical.”

I read several of the posts and it seems to me that this blog is a good resource for those of us who do insurance coverage litigation.

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