Court Costs

Did you know that court costs are changing in Tennessee effective 1/1/2006?

Historically, plaintiffs paid a relatively small filing fee at the beginning of a case and then additional charges accumulated based on the number of pages that were filed.

Beginning the first of the year, charges will be made similar to method used in federal court: there will be a flat fee of $267.50 charged in “Category One” cases and $192.50 in “Category Two” cases. Lesser fees will be charged in domestic – related cases.

“Category One” cases include all tort cases filed in circuit courts. “Category Two” cases include worker’s compensation cases and General Session Court appeals.

Read more about the fees in Davidson County here.

So, the bad news is that your front-end investment in costs will be considerably higher than it has been historically. The good news is that in cases where a lot of documents have been filed the costs will be reduced considerably.

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