Do You Want to Go Paperless in Your Office?

Or at least move in that direction?   Here is a great post from a lawyer who has figured out how to do it.

An an excerpt:

In the three years that I’ve been practicing as a solo lawyer I have been completely paperless. Before that, when I worked in a large firm, I kept the files that I worked on by myself in a completely paperless form. So, when I hear people say that it’s impossible to be completely paperless I know that’s not true. In addition to my own personal experience, I know several lawyers who have completely paperless law practices.

Our office has kept digital files for over a decade.  We are not truly paperless, but everyone has access to virtually every piece of client-related paper in our office from their computer.  (We do not regularly use digital images of medical records – people are more comfortable with paper.)   We save an unbelievable amount of time with the system we have in place and, in fact, I cannot imagine practicing law if I had to deal with paper files.

Thanks to PDF for Lawyers for sharing this information.

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