Effective Appellate Advocacy

Here is a great article written by Robert Gilbreath in Certworthy, a publication of the DRI Appellate Advocacy Committee. I found it with the help of Evan at his Illinois Trial Practice blog.

The article summarizes points about appellate advocacy made by Karl Llewellyn in a 1960 law review article. Titled “The Seven ABCs of Successful Appellate Advocacy,” Gilbreath’s article appears on Page 13 of the PDF file.

One point made in the article that I think is often missed by those who file briefs and make arguments before appellate courts is the need to make judges understand why good public policy supports your position. Judges are human. They want to do the right thing. It is your job to help them understand that adopting your position is the right thing to do.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.

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