Election to the ALI

I am pleased to announce that I have been elected to membership in the American Law Institute.  The ALI is the organization that creates the Restatements of the various areas of the law and participated in the creation of  the Uniform Commerical Code, the Model Penal Code, and numerous other codifications and studies.

In particular, I hope to be able to make a contribution to a current ALI project,  "Restatement of the Law Third: Liability for Physical Harm,"  and other tort projects over the years.

Thank you to Knoxville lawyer and mediator-extraordinare Howard Vogel for nominating me for this position, and to United States Court of Appeals Judge Cissy Daughtrey, Tennessee Chief Justice William Barker,  Tampa attorney Bill Wagner, and Memphis attorney Lucian Pera for writing letters to ALI on my behalf.


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