Ex-Priest Lawsuit Settled

Some of you know that I have been involved in litigation against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville for the past 6 years, suing it on behalf of two young men (and the mother of one) for outrageous conduct arising out of the abuse of the young men when they were teenagers.

The case was filed in January of 2000, lost on summary judgment in June 2001 shortly before trial, and lost again in the Tennessee Court of Appeals. The Tennessee Supreme Court reversed and remanded; read the opinion here.

The case was set again for trial March 13, 2006 and settled in the late afternoon on Saturday, December 10. Read about the settlement here.

In July or August the judge asked us not to talk about the case to the press and I decided not to talk about it in this blog in keeping with the spirit of the judge’s request.

I will share some thoughts about it later; I have a speech this morning at 8:30 and I need to prepare. Suffice it to say that this hard-fought case was a life-changing experience, not all of it positive.

Face it, folks, there are just some things you don’t need or want to know.

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