Justice Programs

Ok, this is your last Justice Programs seminar post of the year.

This week (Thursday and Friday) we are in Nashville and are almost sold out.  We have a few spots left at chairs with tables and then we will have to put attendees in chairs without tables.  We booked a room that would allow us to increase the number of attendees by over 100% over the number we had last year but have still run out of room. 

Next week (December 7 and 8) we conclude  the seminars with our program in Memphis.  We are expecting another record crowd there.

Thank you for your support of these seminars this year.  We doubled the number of attendees (and then some) in Chattanooga and Knoxville and, more importantly,  have gotten great feedback on the programs.  Our goal was to offer relevant CLE for civil trial practioners and it certainly seems that we are giving Tennessee lawyers what they want to learn.

There is one additional benefit of these programs coming to a conclusion – I can catch up on some sleep and gain some personal time.  I still have a very active law practice.  The eight days I have spent out of the office attending these programs has been made up by some very early morning hours and some late nights.  I justify (rationalize?) this extra effort by telling myself that (a) I am having fun; (b) I am actually making some  money on these programs and (c) I can actively use what I am talking about in these seminars in my law practice.  I enjoy writing and speaking but view both as a means to an end, the "end" being serving my clients as an effective trial lawyer.

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