Nancy Dis Grace, The Screaming Skull

Nancy Grace, who brings disgrace on herself and on her profession every time she appears on television, is embroiled in another controversy.   This time, it is the death of Melinda Duckett, an interviewee on Grace’s show who committed suicide.

Those of you who believe that Ms. Grace defines everything that is wrong  with talking-head "journalism" will be re-affirmed by this well-written article  by Dahlia Lithwick from Slate.  Some excerpts:

"Nancy Grace didn’t kill Melinda Duckett, but she is aiding and abetting the death of public confidence in the law. Grace dresses like a lawyer and talks like one, but the only thing she seems to feel for the court system is contempt."

"This is vintage Grace. She blithely dismisses the dead mother as collateral damage with her stock "What-about-the-children?" greater-good defense. By purporting to speak for abducted children, Grace gets away with two sins at once: She can make up stuff. (Where is Trenton Duckett to contradict her?) And the end will always justify the means. "

"Nancy Grace has created a sort of drive-through legal system in which victims are always nurtured, suspects are always guilty, and criminal courts and investigators are always fumbling to keep up with, well, with Nancy Grace. Outrage triumphs over logic and restraint. Certainty replaces doubt. The sleaze and horror properly blunted by ordinary legal processes are rendered even sleazier and more horrible. All toward some end of nailing Nancy’s bad guys. "

"Among Grace’s most revealing statements, as she struggled to disavow any responsibility for Duckett’s death this week, was this one: "I do not feel our show is to blame for what happened to Melinda Duckett," Grace said Monday. "Melinda committed suicide before that interview ever aired." It speaks volumes about Grace’s world view that in her mind, reality doesn’t happen until and unless it’s witnessed by her viewers. By the same token, she seems to believe there is no real justice, until it happens on her show. "

For those of you who are Nancy Grace fans, please ask someone to read the article to you.

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