Nashville Annual Review For Civil Trial Practioners Only Two Weeks Away

 Penny White, Joe Riley and I are on the road again this Fall for the 2009 Justice Programs seminars. This two-day, 15-hour is designed for Tennessee lawyers who do civil litigation and who are looking for substantive continuing legal education that will help them better serve their clients.

We will be in Nashville November 19 and 20, Chattanooga on December 3 and 4, Memphis on December 10 and 11, and Knoxville on December 17 and 18.

Here are the topics we are offering this year:

Tort Law / Comparative Fault – John Day
John’s review of the most recent tort and comparative fault opinions will give you an up-to-the-minute picture of the current state of the law in this practice area. John will offer an analysis of emerging trends, and how those trends can (and will) affect your practice going forward.

U.S. Supreme Court Review – Joe Riley
Joe reviews the significant U.S. Supreme Court decisions issued during the 2008 – 09 term. What is their significance to your practice? What can we expect in the future from the court? What appears to be the judicial philosophy of the various justices?

Mediation Tactics – Joe Riley
Mediation is rapidly becoming the preferred and most efficient method for resolving civil disputes. Joe provides some basic and other lesser known tips for successful mediation. Because Joe has mediated many civil cases, his perspective provides invaluable advice for the practitioner.

Who Said It and Why? Tips for Admitting and Excluding Hearsay – Penny White
Penny will lead a discussion about common errors in applying the hearsay rule and its many exceptions in civil and criminal cases, and will share tips for admitting and excluding hearsay.

Significant Recent Cases/Legislation – Penny White, Joe Riley
Penny reviews the significant decisions in the areas of employment law, family law, workers’ compensation, estates and property. Joe summarizes recently enacted state legislation

Trial Simulation: Thorny Evidence Issues – Penny White, Joe Riley
The presenters use a simulated trial to raise various evidentiary issues. Throughout the testimony in a hypothetical trial, counsel raise various evidentiary objections. Joe and Penny lead the audience in a discussion of the appropriate objections and then provide insight into the likely resolution by trial and appellate judges.

Ethics: Tennessee’s Rules of Professional Conduct – Penny White, Joe Riley
In the first three-hour session, Penny and Joe separately present a variety of timely ethics/professionalism topics of interest to the practicing attorney. These interactive presentations are based upon hypothetical scenarios that require resolution through the application of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Ethics: The Questions We Want Answered – Penny White, Joe Riley
In the final hour, Penny and Joe give you the opportunity to submit the most difficult ethics/professionalism questions you want answered. They will also explore previously submitted questions from inquisitive lawyers from other parts of the state. This is an interactive session with possible solutions to these dilemmas being provided by other participants at the seminar.

Learn more about the program here.

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