New Group Trial Lawyer Blog – Trial Lawyer Resource Center

Mark Zamora (of A Georgia Lawyer ) and David Swammer (of the South Carolina Trial Law Blog) have been working on a group blog for nearly a year and went live about ten days ago. It’s called the Trial Lawyer Resource Center with a shorter URL of  I am honored that they asked me to be a part of the group that includes these fine lawyers:

Matt Garretson (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Gary Gober (Nashville, TN)
Jay Harris (Toledo, OH)
Tom Kline (Philadelphia, PA)
Rick Kuykendall (Mobile, Alabama)
Todd O’Malley (Scranton, PA)
Ronald Miller (Baltimore, MD)
John Romano (West Palm Beach, FL)
Randy Scarlett (San Francisco, CA)
Karen Shelton (Charleston, SC) [lifecare planner / nurse case manager]
David Swanner (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Mark Zamora (Atlanta, GA)

In that group there are 5 past state TLA Presidents, 3 past Presidents of the Melvin Belli Society, 2 past Presidents of the Southern Trial Lawyers, the current President of Workers Injury Law & Advocacy Group, plus the incoming President of the Inner Circle of Advocates.  

Read and enjoy

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