Thanks for the Book Orders

Thanks to each of you who has ordered the third edition of Day on Torts:  Leading Cases in Tennessee Tort Law.     Hundreds of books have been shipped in the last two months and orders are continuing to flow in.  

Day on Torts identifies more than 300 Tennessee tort law subjects and provides summary of the leading case on each subject to give you a quick, readable synopsis of current state of the law. Many of the summaries include citations to other cases, giving you even more insight and helping narrow the scope of your research.

The good news is that books are still available.  The bad news is that because the books are hard-cover and designed for pocket parts,  once they are gone they will not be available again for three or four years (until the pocket part becomes so thick that a new edition of the book becomes necessary).  The expense of a limited, second printing of the third edition is cost-prohibitive.  Therefore, those lawyers who do not obtain a copy of the third edition will have to wait until the fourth edition is available to have their own copy of the book. 

If you have not yet ordered the book you can still do so here.   The 2010 price for this 650+ page book has been reduced to $129 (plus shipping and handling and sales tax).

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