This morning my wife and I leave on what I think is a well-deserved vacation.  I turn 50 years old on Thursday and my wonderful wife is taking me to the Canadian Rockies to celebrate.

One year ago she made booked a room for us at the Moraine Lake Lodge, a 33-room lodge 15 minutes outside of the Village of Lake Louise.  I have wanted to go the Canadian Rockies for years and am thrilled about the trip.

I am not taking my computer and am not going to use one in the hotel.  I am going to attempt to go 5 days without any communication from or to my office.  I haven’t done that for at least 6 years, maybe longer.

So, this blog is on hold until the 27th.   For those of you that have not read them before, turn to my Sunday Spoofs for (what I hope you will find to be) entertainment.


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