For Consumers: What To Do If You Are Solicited By A Lawyer

Ken Shigley at the Atlanta Injury Law Blog wrote this interesting post where he advises consumers who have suffered a tragic accident what they should do if they are solicited by lawyer.

Ken offers this advice:

If you are solicited about your injury or death case, you may consider doing the following:

  • Immediately call the General Counsel of the State Bar and report the improper solicitation. The phone number of the General Counsel of the State Bar of Georgia is 404-527-8720.
  • Offer to assist in investigation of this misconduct and to file a formal grievance against any lawyer who can be proven to be participating in improper solicitation.
  • If you ask, and if the provable facts support it, I will assist without charge in drafting a formal grievance against any lawyer who solicits you in violation of the Rules, even if you do not hire me for your injury case. (I cannot intrude on the confidential Bar disciplinary process, but I can assist in drafting your grievance.)
  • If you need a lawyer for a personal injury or wrongful death case, make your selection on the basis of your own research about professional experience and qualifications, and recommendations by knowledgeable people whom you know and trust, rather than slick advertising or someone soliciting you directly.

Well, Tennessee lawyers, what is your experience?  Are people in your community using runners?  Have you turned these lawyers into the Board of Professional Responsibility?  Why not?

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