Going to the Scene

You cannot (or at least I cannot) get a real feel for a motor vehicle accident scene without going there.

I need to stand and watch traffic move in the area. I want to look at the scene from the viewpoint of all of the participants. I have to get that feel of the area before I take depositions in the case. Intimate knowledge of the scene allows you readily respond to issues that arise in depositions about the scene itself, giving you the opportunity to get helpful admissions or allowing your adversary (or a witness) to make errors that you can later prove.

So, I encourage you to leave the office and visit the scene of the motor vehicle crash. Try to go at the same time of day as when the incident occurred. If you need to take measurements I would encourage you to go very early in the morning when the sun is just coming up but before the traffic gets heavy. Sunday mornings are the best.

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