Practical Procedure and Evidence Blog

My other blog is Practical Procedure and Evidence.  This is where I share new case law and practical tips on using the rules of procedure and evidence in your Tennessee law practice.

By way of example, today’s post addresses the issue of whether a plaintiff who is facing a motion to amend may amend his, her or its complaint without filing a motion to amend.  The answer is “yes,” so long as the plaintiff has not previously amended the complaint and no answer has been filed.  The post includes citations to the relevant case law.

There are 100 other posts similar to this one – posts the advise (or remind) you on a given issue of procedure or evidence and give you citations to the relevant case law.   Each post gives you a real head start on researching evidence and procedure issues.

I have just added a subscription feature to the blog. To automatically receive all new posts every Wednesday, simply go to the blog’s home page and hit the “subscribe” button right above the “about author” button on the right side of the page.

I hope this blog helps you serve your clients.

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