Stupid Lawsuit Fails

Donald Matthews fell off a "loft" bed (similar to a bunk bed) and hurt his shoulder.  He sued the manufacturer of the bed, saying that he should have been warned about the risk of falling.

Oh yeah, by the way, he was a senior.  In college.  (His GPA at the time of the fall is unknown.) 

The jury actually gave him a verdict.  An appellate court in New Jersey reversed, saying " that the obviousness of the danger is an absolute defense to plaintiff’s failure to warn action in this case."

The case is Matthews v. University Loft Company, DOCKET NO. A-1536-04T3 (Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division August 15, 2006).  Read it here.

Notice to all adult readers:  If you are six feet in the air and fall to the ground you will hurt yourself.  While I am at it, knives are sharp. 

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