Vioxx Trial in Texas PLAINTIFF WINS !!!

The Plaintiff won $229,000,000 in punitive damages in the Texas Vioxx trial. More later.

This is a very preliminary report. The amount may be compensatory and punitive damages. In fact, I just heard that the total award is $253,400,000, subject to caps. Punitives are capped based on the computation of economic damages.

Addendum: Look here for a photo of a lawyer who just won an important case. There are a couple of other great photos that follow in the slide show.

Addendum II

Loss of Pecuniary Past: $100k
Loss of Pecuniary Future: $350k
Loss of Companionship Past: $2M
Loss of Companionship Future: $10M
Mental Anguish Past: $2M
Mental Anguish Future: $10M
Exemplary: $229M

Addendum III

Merck’s press release about the verdict.

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