Why Do I Get Upset Over Things Like This?

You would think that I would react differently.

After all, I am 49 years old. I have practiced law for over 24 years. I paid my way to college and law school mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, and sacking groceries. I supplemented those earnings with work as a meat cutter, a dishwasher, and a bartender. I actually managed a bar for my two years of college; I hired and tried to keep a staff of some 25 bartenders. I worked as the owner’s representative for a real estate developer on a construction site for one summer, and worked for a mobile home manufacturer for two summers. In those jobs I interacted with people in every walk of life in a wide variety of situations.

I have seen a lot of wonderful things and a lot horrible things in my law practice.

And in between all of that I have done a whole lot of living.

So why am I outraged that Ford Motor Company would tell the world about how safe its Volvo line of cars are on television ads but distance itself from Volvo when defending products liability suits? Why does that still shock me?

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