A Telling Comment

Here is an article that talks about the negotiations concerning the med mal legislation currently pending in the General Assembly.

This excerpt tells it all:  ""Basically [the potential compromise] was done between the legislators themselves representing probably both sides of the interests," Miller [VP of the TMA] said. "One of the things that didn’t come through was that doctors _ who are probably the main focus of this legislation _ were not party to these negotiations."

He is right.  The main push for and therefore focus of the legislation is doctors.  Not patients.  Not the common good.  Not justice.

The focus is doctors.  And while I believe have more respect for doctors than the average person (because my work on behalf of patients for the last 25 years has helped me begin to realize the science and art of medicine) I simply do not think that any special interest group should be granted special advantage in our courtrooms.

I participated in these negotiations and can say without hesitation that the people involved worked in good faith to address real issues with real solutions in an effort to advance the cause of justice. 

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