Tennessee Law of Civil Trial – Book Review

Jason Lee has reviewed my book, Tennessee Law of Civil Trial, on his Tennessee Defense Litigation blog.

Some highlights:

The way I would characterize this book is it is a practical guide to the ins and outs of trial practice.  There are citations to case law throughout the book that can be used to prepare for issues that may come up at trial. 

 I mainly recommend this book to newer attorneys or those who do not have the opportunity to go to trial very often.

I also think this book is appropriate for more experienced attorneys to use in order to remind of important concepts leading up to trial.

Once again, John Day has added another valuable resource for practitioners of law in Tennessee.

Click on the link to order your copy of Tennessee Law of Civil Trial.  A free copy of Chapter 1 (Scheduling Orders) may be down-loaded by clicking on the link.

Thanks for your kind words, Jason.

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