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BirdDog Law is my creation to help Tennessee lawyers help their clients.

The site is full of free resources.  For example, use these links to access the following:

Interested in finding Local Rules of Court?  Go to this page, click on the applicable county, and follow the path to the local rules.  Use the same pathway to find information on judges, clerks, e-filing rules, and tort verdicts in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties.  For example, check out the following for Rutherford County:

Under the “Judges” tab you will note a reference to “The Book.”  This resource lets you quickly see the appellate court opinions that came as a result of appeals of that trial judge’s cases.  The summaries (and links) give you a quick idea of how the judge has ruled on other matters.  Example:  Judge Mark Rogers, Rutherford County.

All of this information is provided to you free of charge by my company, BirdDog Law.

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