Another Blue Chipper – Damages

The leading case on the law of damages in personal injury cases comes not from the Tennessee Supreme Court but rather from an opinion authored by Judge Koch on the Court of Appeals, Middle Section.

Judge Koch is an excellent writer. His opinions are exremely through and provide a great place to start legal research on viturally any topic he has written about during his twenty years on the Bench.

The opinion in Overstreet v. Shoney’s, Inc., 4 S.W.3d 694 (Tenn. Ct. App. 1999) is another example of the foregoing. If you know this opinion you know 85% of what you need to know about the law of damages in personal injury cases.

I have given you a link to the opinion released by the Court of Appeals as well as the West citation. It is always possible that the wording of the opinion changed slightly after it was first released by the Court of Appeals.

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