Discovery Questionnaire for Wrongful Death Action

Getting through litigation as efficiently as possible is (generally) in a plaintiff’s best interest. To avoid the “hurry up and wait” effect that can encumber a case, I send my clients a discovery questionnaire at the outset. I ask the clients to answer the questions that I anticipate needing to go forward in the case. I include the interrogatories we see most often – such as listing past residences, employers, and treating physicians. I also ask the client to gather and provide copies of documents frequently requested by defendants – recent photographs and videotapes, tax returns, and etc. At the same time, I ask my clients to gather the information and materials that will help us move the case forward on our end – copies of pertinent insurance policies, for example. The goal of all this is, of course, to have the information on hand before it is needed. Ideally, we are prepared to respond to written discovery the day we receive it, and can avoid delaying the case through extensions.
This form is one that I use in wrongful death actions. Download file. The information requested is largely the same as in a personal injury case, but the questions have been edited to specify whether I am asking about the decedent or the surviving family members.

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