Case Law Supporting the Use of Remote Video for Depositions

This article by Steven Auvil in the National Law Journal gathers case law supporting the right of the parties to take remote video depositions during the Pandemic.

An excerpt:

In Ogilvie v. Thrifty Payless, the Western District of Washington court denied the parties’ joint motion to extend court deadlines, including the fact discovery deadline, due to the dilatory impact of COVID-19 on the parties’ ability to conduct depositions. After noting the parties’ failure to address the possibility of taking depositions by remote means (and encouraging their use), the court put a sharp point on why the parties needed to resort to such depositions: “This pandemic may well be with us for many months to come. We will all need to adjust to keep litigation moving forward. Unless the parties have explored alternative means to complete discovery, the court does not consider the mere existence of the pandemic as ‘good cause’ for a delay in the case schedule.”

Citation:  Case No. C18-0718JLR, 2020 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 83620, at *6 (W.D. Wash. May 12, 2020).

Those who are fighting the battle of trying to move cases forward during this time will find lots of help in this article.

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