Tennesse Law of Comparative Fault – Third Edition

Do you have a question about comparative fault law in Tennessee?  Or the interaction between comparative fault law and civil procedure?  If so, you may wish to consult Tennessee Law of Comparative Fault.

Donald Capparella and I wrote the original edition of the book, and John Wood joined us for the second and third editions.    Unfortunately, West Publishing does very little to let Tennessee lawyers know that the book exists.Here is a listing of the book’s chapters:

  1. Comparative Fault in Tennessee Before McIntryre
  2. The McIntyre Decision
  3. Transitional Cases
  4. Joint and Several Liability
  5. Assignment of Fault
  6. Causation and Comparative Fault
  7. Assumption of Risk
  8. Premises Liability
  9. Products Liability
  10. Effect of Comparative Fault on Common Law Tort Doctrines
  11. Settlement Issues
  12. Civil Procedure Considerations
  13. Persons Under Disabilities
  14. Loss of Consortium and Services Claims
  15. Wrongful Death

The book is available here for $118.15 (no shipping charge).  West Publishing says the book is sold in hardcover – that is incorrect.  It is a softcover book.

I think you will find this book to be an excellent resource for understanding the law of comparative fault in Tennessee.

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