New Expert Witness Background Search Service

Robert Ambrogi has shared the existence of a fascinating service concerning expert witnesses.

The service, called Expert Witness Profiler, checks into the expert’s background, testimonial history, social media profile, and more.  Here is what the profile includes:

  • Testimonial history.
  • Challenge (Daubert/Frye) history.
  • Disciplinary history.
  • Licensing and certifications (including verification).
  • Educational background (including verification).
  • Professional background.
  • Associations and memberships.
  • Personal information.
  • Publications.
  • Teaching and research.
  • Patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
  • References in news, blogs and social media.

Purchasers of the profile receive a booklet covering the items listed above. Hyperlinks within the document take you to relevant cases, orders, and other documents. The service will also include transcripts, motions and briefs relating to the expert or to challenges to the expert.  The company’s website includes this sample profile.

Therates for this service run from $450 for turnaround in 10 business days to $900 for a 1-day turnaround.  Volume discounts are available.

One of the founders of this service also runsDaubert Tracker and thus the Daubert Tracker information is also available. 

Many of us do this type of research on our own, but this service deserves a close look.  The price is reasonable enough, particularly if you plan ahead and pay only $450 per search.   Of course, it also gives you an opportunity to check out your own expert and attempt to avoid a surprise that could really hurt your case.


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