Free, Helpful Information About The Rutherford County, Tennessee Court System

BirdDog Law offers a large variety of free information to Tennessee lawyers and paralegals.  Among the free resources are 95 databases, one for each Tennessee county, that share information about the operation of the court system in that county.   Each database is set up in the same format for ease of use.

For example, click on the link for Rutherford County.  The opening page will give you population and demographic information for the county.  The “Court Clerks and Related Information” has contact information for each court clerk, the clerks’ websites, the local rules of court, e-filing information, docket information, and filing fee information for all courts.

The “Judges” tab has biographical and contact information for all  judges in the county.

The “Local Forms” tab will direct you to any forms created for use in the courts of Rutherford County.

The “Court Statistics” tab will allow you to see trial court filings and dispositions in the county for the most year for which such data has been published.  Also included in “Court Statistics” is information about tort trials and their outcomes in the county.   A glance will let you see that fiscal year ending June 30, 2021 (the most recent year for which data is available) 75 tort cases were closed in Rutherford County, three of which were tried.  No plaintiff was awarded damages in the three trials.

There is five years of  publicly available data in the Rutherford County database.  In the five years ending June 30, 2021, 8 plaintiffs were awarded damages in the 35 tort trials in Rutherford County.   The total damages awarded in the 8 cases was $1,947,122.

As indicated above, this information is available for each of Tennessee’s 95 counties.  To access these databases, go to, click on Free Resources, and then click on “Court and Other Information for Each of Tennessee’s 95 Counties.”  Counties are listed in alphabetical order.

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