Day on Torts: Leading Cases in Tennessee Tort Law

I am pleased (no, overjoyed) to report that the new edition of my tort book has gone to the printer.

The book is now in its third edition, with a title change to more accurately reflect what the book contains.   Day on Torts:  Leading Cases in Tennessee Tort Law  contains  79 chapters and 345 sections highlighting the most prominent tort case on 345 different subjects.   There are citations to another several thousand cases.   The original volume of the book just 66 chapters and  233 sections.  The page count has increased from 437 pages to 667 pages.

The new edition has abandoned the effort to update the rules of civil procedure, evidence and relevant tort law statutes.  This will result in a substantial price drop for the book.

The new book is being offered in hardcover, and will be updated with pocket parts.   To order a copy of the book for delivery around the end of April please click here.  The price will increase on May 1, 2010 so if think the book would assist you in serving your clients you may wish to order it now. 

Finally, permit me to publicly thank Laura Bishop (a lawyer in our office) and Kori Conner (my assistant) for all of their help with this book.  It was a team effort and without their able assistance the book would not be what it is.  My heartfelt thanks to both of you.   


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