Lawyer Questions Experience of Some Lawyers Who Advertise

Ken Shigley from Atlanta offers an interesting post concerning his research into and thoughts about some of the lawyers who advertise in his community.

He starts his post with these words:

As a serious personal injury attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, I am frankly embarrassed by the inundation of billboards and TV ads for personal injury lawyers who have little respect within the profession and seldom if ever set foot in a courtroom.

He mentions this appellate court experience of one lawyer who advertises:

Yet another heavy advertiser, who has billboards and bus placards plastered as thick as they can stick all over the metro area, appears in just three reported court decisions, in 1983, 1986 and 1987. But the first of those doesn’t count because he wasn’t representing a client. He was unsuccessfully defending himself in a landlord’s dispossessory action.


We had some similar fireworks in Memphis recently.


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