Tennessee Law of Comparative Fault

I was in court last Monday morning and a lawyer sitting next to me asked for some help on a comparative fault issue. I told him the answer and that the case law in support of the answer could be found in Chapter 5 of Tennessee Law of Comparative Fault, the book I co-authored with Donald Capparella and John Wood. He told me that he had a copy but the relevant case law was not there. I shortly figured out that he had the first edition of the book.

The second edition of Tennessee Law of Comparative Fault is published by West Publishing and has been updated via pocket part three times. Here is the Table of Contents. You can purchase the book by clicking here.

If you practice tort law in Tennessee I think you will find that this book will save you several hours of work every time you face a comparative fault issue.

I do not make this suggestion to you to earn more royalities – book royalities in the legal publishing world are so small as to make them almost meaningless. Instead, I offer the suggestion to save you some time and money in your quest to serve your clients.

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