Cloture Vote on Senate Bill 22 and 23

The Senate has just had the cloture vote on S.B. 22.

The result was 48 – 42 to continue debate. Sixty votes were required to cut off debate.

The fillibuster stands; debate continues.

They are now voting on S.B. 23.

UPDATE AT 5:21: The result on SB 23 was 49 – 44. Debate continues.

The bills are dead.

UPDATE Tuesday morning at 4:50 a.m. : This is an embarassing defeat for Senator Frist. He pushed this issue to the floor once again and came more than 10 votes short of the number he needed to cut off debate. Either the Majority Leader cannot count, or this matter was brought to the floor for the sole purpose of raising campaign contributions for the health care industry.

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