Tips for Managing Email

LIke you, I get a lot of emails every day.  All too often, I permit emails to control my work schedule – a big mistake.

Here is a nice article that gives suggestions for managing the mass of emails that enter our lives every day.   The writer, Stever Robbins, accurately points out the reason for the problem:

Before e-mail, senders shouldered the burden of mail. Writing, stamping, and mailing a letter was a lot of work. Plus, each new addressee meant more postage, so we thought hard about whom to send things to. (Is it worth spending thirty-two cents for Loren to read this letter? Nah….)

E-mail bludgeoned that system in no time. With free sending to an infinite number of people now a reality, every little thought and impulse becomes instant communication. Our most pathetic meanderings become deep thoughts that we happily blast to six dozen colleagues who surely can’t wait. On the receiving end, we collect these gems of wisdom from the dozens around us. The result: Inbox overload.

The article also contains lots of helpful information to help you write better emails.



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