Trouble With Powerpoint?

I came across, a website that offers a product to teach lawyers and their support staff how to effectively use Powerpoint.  The price?  $89 for a download.

Here are the chapter headings:

  • Introduction to Courtroom Technology
  • Utilizing Synchronized Deposition Videos
  • Formatting the Master Slide
  • Header and Footer
  • Custom Slide Backgrounds – Inserting Your Logo
  • Inserting Video
  • Re-Sizing Video
  • Linking Within a Presentation
  • Opening a PDF in PowerPoint
  • Opening a Web Page In PowerPoint
  • SmartArt Graphics
  • Text Links
  • Grouping
  • Ordering or Layers
  • The Impeachment Machine (Strategies for Using Video)
  • Creating Timelines
  • Cast of Character Exhibits
  • Bullet Point Summation
  • Day in the Life Presentations
  • Presentation Tips
  • Image Preparation
  • Working with Audio
  • Creating an Inhouse Graphic Design Department
  • Flashing Flash (Inserting in Presentation)
  • Choosing the Right Equipment
  • The Importance of an Index Page
  • Handouts are Essential (General Presentation)
  • How to Capture and Use Anything (digital)
  • Creating Legal Illustrations for use in Court
  • Crime Scene Layouts
  • Links to Valuable Resources

I have not purchased this product, but am curious to learn if any readers have.  Well, have you?  Any thoughts about the product you can share with your fellow readers?

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