Hearing on Medical Malpractice Reform Bill Today

That title is so misleading. Today’s hearing has nothing to do with modifying the health care system to prevent injuries and death from medical malpractice.

Today’s hearing will determine whether the Civil Practice Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee will vote-out a bill to restrict the rights of people who have valid claims. We have come to the point in this state and this country where “reforms” restrict the rights of ordinary people and give more power to those who already have it. We call this activity “reform” because “power grab” or “wealth protection action” is too wordy.

I am scheduled to testify today. The good news is that Chairman Rob Briley (D- Nashville) is determined to have a fair hearing on the issues. The Chairman chaired another committee last year that basically determined that all of the hype about the need to restrict the rights of people with meritorious claims was just that – hype.

I will give you an update tomorrow on the results of the hearing.

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