How Does This Happen?

Would you think that a doctor who has had 33 medical malpractice payouts in the last decaded would still be practicing medicine?

Dr. Michael Sachs in Manhattan is. His record became news after a 42 year old mother died after a nose job performed in his office. The cause of death was “cardiac arrest.” He also has two malpractice cases pending against him alleging breathing difficulties stemming from botched nose jobs. Read the article here.

The medical community does a horrible job policing its own providers. I have been involved in medical negligence work for over 23 years. I would be surprised in a doctor went his or her entire career without a payout on a medical negligence case; anyone can make a mistake. I can even understand a couple of payouts. But 33 in a decade? Where are the licensing folks?

I have no idea whether this last incident is malpractice or not. But someone, somewhere needs to determine whether this doctor should have a license.

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