Medical Negligence Article

Here is an interesting article titled "Electronic Health Records Raise New Risks of Malpractice Liability." 

An excerpt:

"Because more detailed information about patient care or medical decision-making may be included in the EHR than is possible with paper records, plaintiff attorneys may make extensive discovery requests for "relevant" electronic information in medical malpractice litigation. For example, integrated EHRs have the capability to create an electronic traceable path of a patient’s transition through a facility. Physician orders and interventions may be timed and documented automatically. Will such functionality increase the risk of liability in cases alleging physician failure to timely diagnose and treat? Will discovery requests include electronic footprints for relevant patient data that is not part of the facility’s permanent electronic medical records? Will use of EHRs raise the cost of litigation because of the need for expert testimony in the fields of health informatics or health IT? "

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