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Tennessee Medical Malpractice Case Filings – Part 3

 This is Part 3 of my report on medical malpractice case filings in Tennessee.  (Click to read Part 1and Part 2.)  Here are the case filings for some of the larger counties in the state for the year ended September 30, 2010:



Shelby                         88                                   

Davidson                    67     

Knox                           27   

Hamilton                    17        

Rutherford                 11        

Montgomery                4      

Washington                 9      

Sullivan                       10         

Maury                           4         

Sumner                        8        

Anderson                    7           

Wilson                          2         

Dickson                       1          

As of the end of October, 2010, 55 counties had no medical malpractice cases filed in the 12 months preceding September 30, 2010 and seventeen counties only had 1 medical malpractice case filed in the period.

I will share Part 4 of the series tomorrow.


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