The Double Standard

From a full-page ad in yesterday’s Knoxville’s  Sunday News Sentinel:

Last year, Covenant Health hospitals saved the lives of 752 people who would not have lived at average hospitals.

According to U.S. government data, quality care makes a life-saving difference for patients at Covenant Health hospitals.  By being far better than national averages, we help more patients survive – 753 more than the national norms last year alone.

Of course, when they get sued they get the benefit of a local standard of care with a requirement that the expert come from a contiguous state.  But when they are looking for business, they compare themselves with hospitals across the nation.

I don’t mean to pick out Covenant Health on this point – all of the hospitals of any size engage in this hypocrisy.  The fault lies with the majority of those in the Legislature who do not recognize  hypocrisy in action.

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