A Handbook for Tennessee Tort Lawyers 2009

A Handbook for Tennessee Tort Lawyers 2009 has been sent to the printer.

The 2009 of the book follows the same format as the 2008 version.   It has been expanded to include 8 new chapters and 28  new sections on tort law subjects for a total of  262 sections.  Each section includes the key language of the leading case on that subject and, as appropriate, citations to other important cases on the subject.  Also included is a reference to all opinions released in the last year on tort law organized by chapter and section.

The book also includes the full text of all of the new  statutes of interest to Tennessee tort lawyers.

Finally, the 2009 version of the book includes a complete copy of the rules of civil procedure, evidence and civil procedure, as updated by the 2008 amendments.

The total book consists of almost 1100 pages.   Because of the difficulty of binding a paperback book that is that thick, the book has been split into two volumes.

The  price of the new book is $190 plus sales tax of $17.58.  Those who attend the 2008 Justice Program seminars receive a copy of the book for $150, a savings of $57.58.

To reserve your copy, send a brief note and check for $207.58  to Lex Lata Publishing, Attn. Kori Conner, 5300 Maryland Way, Suite 300, Brentwood, TN 37027.  The book will be shipped the last week of October, 2008.  A discount is available for multiple copies purchased at the same time.  To learn the amount of the discount send an email to kconner@dayblair.com and tell us how many copies you need.

Note:  did you purchase the 2008 Edition?  If so, send us $175 and we’ll pay the sales tax. 

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