ATLA Convention

I ran into fellow blogger David Swanner of the South Carolina Trial Law Blog in Toronto. He was kind enough to grab me as I was walking along oblivious to my surroundings and introduce himself. He has a great blog and a great collection of powerpoint presentations from various lawyers. He will give you a copy of the powerpoint presentations if you ask.

The Convention was a real treat. I have attended the last 21 ATLA Annual Conventions and I have learned many valuable things at each one of them. ATLA has a new commitment to educating the public of the value of the civil justice system. It will be a long, expensive process but, I suggest, one worth the effort. We have to win back the hearts and minds of the jurors.

If you represent plaintiffs and are not a member of ATLA you should join. Not only will you get a great return on your money, but you will also help support the good fight.

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