Big Firm Associate Sues – Says He Was Fired For Being Too Intelligent

I don’t have a Category titled "You Won’t Believe This Crap" but, if I did, this post would be filed there.

According to the WSJ Law Blog,  New York City lawyer Gregory Berry has sued his former firm for more than $75 million, claiming the firm fired him for exhibiting intelligence and creativity.  The article explains that "a former software engineer and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Berry claims in his complaint that he arrived at Kasowitz last fall and “immediately began doing superlative work,” even pointing out alleged inefficiencies in the way the firm was handling certain assignments.

Berry told  the Law Blog: “There is simply no room in a big law firm for an intelligent, creative lawyer with real-world experience, and I had to learn that the hard way.” 

Really.  I hope that  Mr. Berry’s website for his new firm is not meant to be an example of his intelligence and creativity, although one might suggest that it is very creative to post this under "Settlements."

The Law Office of Gregory Berry provides aggressive and personalized legal representation to corporations, businesses, and individuals in all commercial and general litigation matters, including contract disputes, torts, insurance disputes, employment, and bankruptcy. Mr. Berry’s particular focus is on creative and cutting-edge legal strategies. Before you decide whether to sue, talk to Mr. Berry. He can frequently find issues and strategies that would otherwise go undiscovered.

Mr. Berry will need all his creativity to avoid Rule 11 sanctions for filing this suit:  his former employer says he signed a full release.

Need I add that Mr. Berry is acting pro se ?  Of course not. 

By the way, if  you need the intelligence and creativity of Mr. Berry, Paragraph 127 of his complaint indicates that the market values his services at $30 per hour.  Please help him mitigate his damages.

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