Book Updates Posted

Updates to A Handbook for Tennessee Tort Lawyers – 2008 have been posted on the book’s website.  The updates are available in the "free updates" section of the site.  To utilize this service, simply scroll down to the relevant chapter and section and click on it to see if there are any new cases in the relevant subject matter.

Book sales are brisk.  Two good-sized firms who handle primarily personal injury work have purchased a copy for virtually every lawyer in the firm. 

Recall that the book contains the leading Tennessee tort case on 233 subjects; here is a table of contents for that section of the book.  The book also contains selected statutes of interest to tort lawyers and a complete set of the Tennessee rules of civil procedure, evidence and appellate procedure. 

You can order your copy  here.

The purpose of this book is to help Tennessee personal injury lawyers get a head start on legal research.  By having ready access to the leading case on a given tort law topic, a lawyer can save a tremendous amount of legal research time.   The book will be updated annually.

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