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The book website is up and running —

Several people received advance copies of the "selected cases" portion of the book and were kind enough to write down their impressions for me to use in a brochure that you will receive any day now.  Those comments are as follows:


"John Day’s new book is the most in-depth, comprehensive and thorough analysis of Tennessee tort law compiled in years. Every practicing lawyer should have one!"
                                                                                                         Sidney Gilreath, Knoxville

"With Day on Torts, John Day places a user-friendly reference on our desk that allows us to respond to a multitude of inquiries about torts that exceed our everyday knowledge.”
                                                                                                        Jimmie C. Miller, Kingsport

"John Day’s book is an amazing resource for those of us practicing law in the tort area. The book sets out the basic facts and ‘bottom line’ on the leading cases on any tort subject one can imagine. I will have the book on my shelf and will take it to trial with me as a quick reference on
any issue that might come up." 
                                                                                                       Jill Steinberg, Memphis

The "selected cases" section of the book represents my view of the leading Tennessee case on each of 233 tort law subjects, as well as citations to other cases of interest.    This discussion covers the first 437 pages of the book. 

Shipping and handling charges are waived for all orders placed before December 31, 2007.

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