New Book

This is an update on my new book, Day on Torts: A Handbook for Tennessee Tort Lawyers.

The book has been printed and is being shipped today from Florida.  I will have it Friday afternoon.  I already have orders for the book and will start shipping on Monday.

The new website,, will up and running on Thursday, November 1, 2007.  The book can be ordered on this web site.  You can also see a Table of Contents and sample chapter at the site.

As I have said in the past, my goal for this book is to provide a one-volume resource for Tennessee tort lawyers who are looking for a quick reference to the leading case on a given point. Need a quick summary of the law of informed consent? In less than one minute you will be able to find the leading case on point and use the concise summary of the holding in that case as a launching point for additional research. Receive a call on a potential defamation case? In less than one minute you will find a 13-page chapter that summarizes the leading Tennessee cases on the topic and references over 50 more cases,

The book organizes the leading Tennessee cases by topic. Many of the summaries also include citations to other cases of interest on the particular legal issue. In total, over 1000 cases are cited in the book.

Also included in the book is the complete text of over 500 Tennessee statutes that I have identified as being of interest to tort lawyers in Tennessee. The statutes have been updated to include the laws passed in the last session of the General Assembly. To select the statutes to be included in the book I started with Volume 1 of the Code and started reading. (Of course I didn’t read every word of every section – the titles of the chapters and sections gave me what I needed to know.) What I ended up with is a collection of the statutes on jury selection, discovery, service of process, trial, the motor vehicle code, the products liability act, and a bunch of other stuff that will be available at your fingertips in one volume.

Finally, the book includes a complete set of the rules of evidence, civil procedure, and appellate procedure.

The book totals 968 pages.

The book will be re-published every year so that tort practitioners will have ready access to the newest statutes, cases, and rules without having to go to the web for updates.

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