Busy Week

It is going to be a busy week at Branham & Day. John Branham and Brandon Bass are trying a two-day personal injury case starting Monday morning in Gallatin. I start (what hopefully will be only) a three-day arbitration in a commercial case Tuesday – we have eleven notebooks of exhibits and my opponents claim that they will call over a dozen witnesses. No depositions have been permitted (except for a couple witnesses who could not be physically present for the hearing); the lack of depositions makes trials so much more exciting (and, quite frankly, increases the anxiety level).

Then John Branham and Rebecca Blair start a trial in a commerical case on Thursday; it should be finished in a day-and-a-half.

So, as you trial lawyers might imagine, there has been a flurry of activity at our offices in the last week. Exhibit lists and witnesses lists being prepared. Direct and cross-examnations have been honed. The copy machine has been working like an expresso machine at the Starbucks in Rockefeller Center at 8:30 a.m. My opponent and I are trying to hammer out stipulations, something that therotically should be done earlier but always seems to be done on the eve of trial.

Of course, I have had the experience of looking at a document for the 4th time and seeing something that I have not seen before. That makes me wonder what I missed in other documents, something that drives me absolutely crazy.

So, its 5:35 a.m. and time to get back to the office to put the last pieces of the puzzle together. It’s going to be a great week.

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